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Visualisation: Identification, Visualisation

Star light, star bright 5 - 15 mins Growing

Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight... As the...

What happened today? 15 - 30 mins Word play

Every day many different things happen. Some of them are planned and predictable but others just pop up. ...

Are you a kangaroo? 5 - 15 mins Being active

Jump like a kangaroo, hop like a frog. Next time your child is up and moving around, challenge them...

A big cardboard box 30 - 45 mins Play

What can you do with a big cardboard box? Next time you have a large cardboard box give...

Telling stories 15 - 30 mins Word play

There are many different ways that we share stories. It can be by talking, reading a book, showing a painting, drawing, weaving or design...

Fabric of life 15 - 30 mins Word play

Many cultures share and tell their stories through the colour, designs, placement and patterns printed or woven into their fabric and cloth. ...

I spy with my little eye 15 - 30 mins Working it out

I spy with my little eye something that is green, soft and found outside! Next time you are waiting...