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Book knowledge: How books work

Making a family cookbook 1 Day Celebrations

Getting the family to agree on what to eat can be tricky sometimes. Why not create a family cookbook to help everyone decide. ...

Reading together 15 - 30 mins Word play

Reading can happen anywhere and everywhere. We read signs, recipes, information on packets and tins, bus timetables and menus. A love of words and language...

Where are we going? 5 - 15 mins Working it out

Children love maps. If you have a street directory see if you can find where you live on the map for your suburb. Work out...

Exploring junk mail 15 - 30 mins Word play

There’s something in the letterbox! Junk mail that arrives in your letterbox might look like rubbish to you, but...

Make your own books 45 mins - 1 hour Word play

Use photos of your child and their adventures to make special books for them. Choose some photos together and print them out. Glue them on...